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Your Breath Is Your Hidden Super Power

Through my breathwork teachings, I help humans evolve, and guide them towards a more conscious connected self


Your Breath Can Be Your Journey Home

Breathing is a natural function of the body most of us take for granted, but your breath is your unconditional love receptor to reclaim, connect and heal.

Breathwork is the practice of bringing conscious awareness to every inhale and exhale through active meditation 

it quiets the busy mind and creates a deeper connection within the body.

Breathwork helps you feel more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually alive!


Hi! I'm Nicole

The Path To Your Whole Self

As a Breathwork Guide, Pilates Coach, and a Executive Director in Corporate, It is my honor, true passion, and calling to guide empowered individuals and communities to move together in unity, and conscious connection.

Every human being has a beautiful light within just waiting to shine, but external stresses can often block us from unlocking our full potential. I guide and empower people to feel strong, safe and connected to their mind/body/soul.

It has been exhausting to see the lack of diversity dominate the fitness & wellness space, but after going through an extensive personal journey of love and liberation, I feel aligned more than ever, to use my gifts and authentic voice to support in your healing, transformation, strength, and love…Creating space for diverse communities to breathe together in unity and integrate healing modalities to step into their power, in a more whole, and intentional way.


The Breathe

Breathing has a direct impact on how you think and feel. 

When you engage in intentional breathing it ...

Releases feel-good hormones and endorphins to improve your mood. 

Tells your mind you're okay so your body can relax and let go of stress and anxiety.

Clears your head and allows you to establish a focused mindset.

Opens up energy channels and lessens physical pain and tension.

Gives you space to heal from grief and trauma. 

Even just five minutes of breathing can decrease physical and emotional stress.


“p e a c e.
it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still find your breath, and be calm in your heart”



I am so so profoundly grateful for my breathwork healing session and experience with you. It was so wonderful, you are so wonderful. Thank you so much for a beautiful, profound, monumentally healing moment tonight

Mel M

Since working with Nicole, I have noticed such incredible changes in the mental, physical and emotional strength. Her pilates and breathwork private sessions always naturally challenge me to safely, move beyond my comfort to tap into hidden layers that need healing and support

Gabrielle H

You're so inspirational by being you and sharing authentically for the universe to see. You are a bright light and I've learned so much from daily stress management, to exploring my inner wounds for healing and growth

Alyssa M


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